What Kakamusic Can Do


Quick Multi-platform Publishing for Musical Work

Free service-Quick musical work publishing in China & overseas, full coverage for main cyber playing platform and mobile APP, enable  your work enjoyed by the world ASAP


Legitimate Publishing

Free application for the musical work without ISRC and UPC


Good Pay and Generous Reward

Musicians could harvest good reward from the online playing of their musical work



Karaoke Publishing

Songs with merit could be transformed into video MV,and be introduced into karaoke market to get more opportunity and reach more fans


Customized Service

For special musical work, we work out unique promotional  solution for  musicians, e.g. participating in talent show program and the  creation of theme song for film and TV series


Music comes from the hard work of musicians. Kakamusic is right here to connect  them and ensure that they are represented and fairly rewarded for their creations.











Who is Kakamusic

Kakamusic is affiliated to Beijing Suncar Culture Media Co., Ltd., which naturally combines the feature of three individual  characters --music producer, copyright broker and internet operation expert.


In China, including but not limited to: Tencent Music, Xiami Music, Netease Music, Kugou, Kuwo, dragon fly FM, Youku Video, Tudou Video and Iqiyi Video.
Outside China, AppleMusic、iTunes、KKBOX、Google Music etc.. 

Better Future

Kakamusic creates  M2W program of its own, using the brand-new Internet + approach to take musicians one step closer to the  world, meanwhile, as we continue to improve and evolve, in the near future, we may do more for you and your music.

Our Commitment

We hope that one day, it is admirable to become a musician, not just fighting for his ideal and living in the low-level neighborhood. Here, Kakamusic solemnly promises: there is always possibility for good songs and singers, your work could be spread all over the world in the shortest time with the reasonable rewards.

Our Vision

We hope that one day, music  is no longer just an ideal and a dream of few people!
We would like the whole world to enjoy your music!