Make your music enjoyed by the world

Currently, KakaMusic has already helped 300+ musicians, 20+ record companies, to deal with the publishing of around 30k music work around the globe or within China.

KakaMusic brought revenue of more than U.S.D.50k to musicians and record companies in 2016, U.S.D. 150k in 2017, and U.S.D.300k to be in 2018. 

Dedicated to help musicians

After the music is produced, the musician will have to face the situation  on how to make their music available to fans, to more people and how to make money from their own work.

Kakamusic is a professional company working on cyber musical work publishing. It was founded in 2016 and registered in Beijing, China. Kakamusic has rich publishing experience and is able to help musicians with quick cyber publishing of their musical work for free. The major websites and apps with which KakaMusic is working include but not limited to: QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo, Xiami, NetEase, AppleMusic and iTunes. Therefore, Kakamusic can help musicians upload their musical work to leading platforms which altogether represent 99 percent share of the music playing market and reach as many audiences in China, besides, KakaMusic has also established connection with other international platforms outside China. Meanwhile, KakaMusic has been working on the potential cooperation with more playing platforms, aiming to expand its coverage.

More than that, kakaMusic will ask for fair benefit from the above cooperative platforms and share it with cooperative musicians when their uploaded musical work get listened to and reasonably accountable revenues are confirmed. We KakaMusic are dedicated to help musicians get more benefit from our cooperation and create an ecosystem where musicians are motivated to produce more musical work with higher quality .


Company Establishing


Helped 300+ Musicians


Cooperation 20+ Record Companies


Manage around 30k Music