Distribution Channel

QQ Music: One of mainstream playing platforms in China today, more than 100m subscribers, has significant market impact. Web music platform presented by Tencent, is advanced digital music service platform in Chinese international field, meanwhile a music player, always at the forefront of music stream, to deliver to users such service as convenient and streamlined online music and colorful music community service. 




Kugou: Kugou is advanced digital music interaction service provider in China, leading company in Internet technology innovation, are dedicated to deliver best solutions for internet users and digital music industry. Since its foundation, it has been in effort for digital music development, working with a number of record companies and copyright administering offices, accumulated hundreds of thousands of music copyright, making endeavors in promoting cross-industry , cross-platform cooperation, contributed to the tough global music digitalization. Owns billions of shared documents and files, very popular with millions of global users. It has personalized function, download from different sources, ordinary download rate, speed rely on its web rate, download songs at faster rate. The first online test listen provider, convenient for selective download by users, reduce the number of songs which users dislike. Has wonderful music effect, rich web music resource, simple operation at Kugou makes a special tool to attract users.




Xiami Music: Xiami is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, has a large song base, user base and deeply cooperate with well-known artists, participate and produce many music projects, major play platform in China.




Netease Music: Netease Music is developed by Netease, rely on professional musicians, DJ, friends recommendation and social interation, online music service top songlist, social interaction, recommendation by top singers and music fingerprint, playlist, DJ program, social interaction and geographic location are the core, specialized in discovery and sharing. Officially launched on April,23, 2013, terminated in April,2017, includes nine platform client-end such as iPhone、Android、Web、PC、iPad、WP8、Mac、Win10UWP、Linux

the above five platforms basically cover more than 95% of subscribers in China.




[Other Areas]
Apple Music:Apple Music is another new member which Apple presents to pop music commumity. March 12th, 2018, Apple declared that its streaming media service platform Apple Music has 3.8m paid subscriber at the time, the number of subscriber increased by 2m compared with last month. AppleMusic delivers high quality music products to users, and already covers most countries and areas in which China is included. 


iTunes:iTunes introduced iTunes Store at Version 4, user of iTunes could purchase and download songs from online store, and those songs could be used at countable computers and unlimited number of iPod. The songs purchased from iTunes Store will be protected by Apple’s FairPlay digital copyright management system(DRM) against self-copying by users. From April 28th, 2003 when the store opens up to February 22nd, 2006, more than 100m of songs already been downloaded.


KakaMusic's service could go around most areas worldwide through the platform of AppleMusic and iTunes, meanwhile, KakaMusic is actively seeking support and cooperation with many other platforms to expand its publish capabilities.